Video Player Customization Lets Bloggers Better Monetize Their Content

There are a number of ways to monetize a blog, such as displaying ads, embedding affiliate links, offering online courses, and selling e-books. Some people even become “influencers” and directly work with brands that launch a new product.

Many bloggers utilize all of these income streams sooner or later, but most probably start with affiliate links. After all, it’s very easy to sign up for affiliate programs and to embed affiliate links in blog posts. And while banner ads, for example, can be pretty intrusive, affiliate links are less so and can actually provide value to the visitor.

In the end, everyone wins: the reader, who might be interested in buying a specific item, the online store that is selling the item, of course, and the blogger, who is connecting buyer and seller by reviewing or showcasing an product.

Any blogger can make use of affiliate links: fashion bloggers, book bloggers, and tech bloggers, to only name a few. Any blogger can also make use of video to talk about a specific topic or product. And combining videos and affiliate links can help bloggers much better monetize their content.

Through videos, bloggers can introduce new products and can create interaction with their readers. However, this interaction should be voluntary instead of forced through pop up ads.

The customizable BOSS video player offers this voluntary interaction as its primary feature. In an easy-to-use back panel, Bloggers can add information based on time codes. When a viewer pauses the video, the menu shows up with information about the clothing, books, recipes or anything else the blogger chooses to input at the specific time code. This information can also include affiliate links.

Simply adding video to a blog doesn’t guarantee many affiliate sales, of course. Videos should be carefully planned and produced. Most viewers want to be entertained. Bloggers should keep videos relatively short. The beginning of the video is crucial: It takes only 5 seconds for viewers to decide whether to watch a video or not. They need to get hooked right away. Asking a question right at the start if often a good way to do that. Telling the viewer what they will get out of the video often keeps them watching as well. Bloggers should definitely experiment to see what works best.

The same is true when it comes to optimizing content for affiliate marketing income. Having a website video player like BOSS at their disposal, gives bloggers more control over how they want to incorporate affiliate links and lets them experiment and test. Because successful bloggers know: Only through testing can they reach the full potential of monetizing their content.

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