Transform your company video into a revenue generator

Talking heads don’t sell products. Interactive videos do.

Most companies have an “About Us” page and video on their websites. They are usually an afterthought — a place where web traffic goes and never returns to become an appointment, lead or sale.

What if your company video could become a revenue generation tool?

It’s not as far-fetched as you think!

Instead of thinking of your company video — and the web page that houses it — as an isolated link on your website, integrate it into your overall sales and marketing strategy. It should be the core of your online experience. After all, the people in it — and story it tells — are the DNA of your business.

Start by figuring out where your company video belongs in your online marketing journey:

  • At the beginning, explaining what your firm does, how it does it and what makes it unique. It provides a compelling introduction to your product and service offerings.
  • In the middle, acting as a bridge between your products and services and a sale. It builds credibility to get people to move further into the digital experience.
  • At the close, providing a compelling finale. It gets people to share their contact information, book an appointment or close a sale.

Next, integrate your video into your web experience and messaging. (An isolated link in your navigation menu won’t do.)

Finally, make your video as engaging as possible so people don’t abandon it before you get them to take action.

The Boss Video Editor allows you to insert a layer of compelling experiences on top of your company video, including:

  • Interesting information about the members of your leadership team
  • An interactive company history
  • Financial reports
  • Interactive charts, graphs, tables and calculators
  • Performance metrics
  • News reports
  • Specializations of different team members
  • Stories about company giving and community involvement
  • Request for an appointment or contact
  • Links to purchase products and services
  • Links to different sections of your website

The options are almost unlimited and can meet most business goals. Viewers simply pause the video and tap on it to access the experiences.

Turning your corporate video into a self-contained experience will help drive people forward through your sales process and prevent them from moving back or leaving it.

Everyone has viewed heat maps and website visitor recordings showing people becoming distracted, confused or lost when they exit a video. Enhancing your video with The Boss Video Editor helps prevent it because the next steps in the sales journey are built right in.

No fumbling. No confusion. Just action.

The only way to understand the power behind the Boss Video Editor is to try it out. Take advantage of our free trial to see how your current corporate video could be transformed into a key component of your marketing and sales strategy and a revenue generator.

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