The importance of video on websites.

Do you know that websites with videos have greater user interaction and performance than text-only websites? If you are a content marketer, the new reality in the internet space is video marketing. Video marketing is becoming the mainstream medium for delivering content, as more users get a richer experience with video than text. This is evident from the huge amount of traffic pulled by video-based sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

If you are yet to key into the video marketing trend, here are some reasons why videos should be an important part of your website.

Video content increases your SEO ranking

Videos can help to boost your sites ranking on search engines because more people take action after watching a branded video. In a report released by HubSpot, 65 percent of business decision-makers visited a marketer’s site after viewing a video about their brand. As more people visit your website, your site climbs higher in the rankings of web search engines. To improve the SEO of your site, add videos to your website, landing page, and offer pages.

Videos are more interactive and engaging

Videos are the best medium for providing highly interactive and informative content. A video is worth more than a million words, says one HubSpot report. Video content is similar to watching a movie. It’s stimulating and enjoyable and keeps your audience coming for more because humans react better to visual stimuli. By using videos to introduce new products and services, you can create more interaction with your users and more exposure for your services. If your videos are eye-catching, they can help you increase the time spent on your website, and this reduces your bounce rate.

Videos increase conversion rate

Available statistics show that 71 percent of content marketers agree that video content marketing converts better than other forms of content marketing. Videos create more connection with the audience, and this leads them to take the desired action.

Videos increase your brand’s recall and visibility

Most people can remember a favorite movie scene, and the name of the film readily comes to mind. By using videos on your site, you can increase the visibility of your site as visual information is easier to recall than text. Moreover, viewers like to share the videos that they enjoy. When your videos get a lot of shares and likes on various social media platforms, it increases your brand’s visibility, and more people will know about your products and services.

Video Testimonials

Social proof is an essential ingredient for the success of any business, as it increases your credibility and shows that your products and services truly deliver on your promise. By posting video testimonials of real people who bought your products and services on your website, other people are driven to emulate them, boosting your conversion rates and revenue.

Product Demonstration

A psychological hack for increasing sales is to show your potential customers what they miss when they don’t buy your product. With video, you can demonstrate to your viewers the function of your product. Seeing the product in action creates more interest and a will to act than a written description of the product’s capabilities. Seeing, as they say, is believing?

Video content marketing has come to stay, and with the growing number of internet users who prefer video to text, the best choice of presenting content is video. Apart from creating more interaction with your users, video content also helps to increase your brand’s visibility and conversion rate, which leads to more revenue.

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