Product Video Best Practices for Online Retailers

Ecommerce is an extremely competitive space. Product photos and description text are often not enough anymore to convince someone to purchase an item. Now, more and more online retailers are making use of videos. In this article, you’ll learn about the most important best practices for product videos.

1. Highlight product benefits

This is the main purpose of a product video. You need to convince people that buying the product will benefit them.

2. Keep it short

The best length for marketing videos is somewhere between two and four minutes. Product videos can be a bit shorter, since it’s best to cut to the chase right away and highlight the product’s benefits. Make sure to measure through Google Analytics how many people watch the entire video and how many people drop off early. Based on this data, you may want to adjust the length of your product videos.

3. Select pages wisely

Only put videos on pages that have a sufficient amount of visitors either through organic or paid search or social media marketing. If there is not enough page traffic to achieve a decent return on investment, it is not worth the expense of producing and publishing a product video.

4. Choose a custom video player

If you don’t want to cheapen your brand, don’t upload videos to one of the free video platforms and embed the videos on your site. Instead, use a custom video player like BOSS. This will allow you to embed additional information, such as links with tracking codes. This could be useful, if the same video will get published on multiple pages or sites.

5. Repurpose videos

With a little bit of additional editing, you can repurpose product videos for social media marketing campaigns. You could also ask influencers to publish your videos on their blogs. With a customizable player like BOSS, bloggers could embed their affiliate links and this would provide you with valuable data to evaluate which blogger is bringing paying customers to your site.

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