Official Launch of Boss Video Player

1. Youtube player – Everyone has a love/hate relationship with Youtube. We all enjoy the content but we cannot watch a video without taking off our hand off the mouse, getting ready to click off those annoying pop-ups. Plus those pre-roll are invasive and most of the time have no relationship with the content we’re loading.

2. Custom build players like Yahoo and has are great except they have pre-roll, mid-roll and end-roll ads. Why are viewers forced to watch those ads? What benefit does it provide to them? Probably not much, it’s just to generate revenue, which is understandable. Has to be a better way.

That’s where Boss Video Player really shines. The menu with more info on cast and crew, products, music and other info only shows up when a viewer interacts with the player (rollover the player or pauses the video). If they choose not to be sold to then all they have to do is point their mouse away from the video and nothing will interrupt their viewing experience.

Let’s say you’re watching your favorite piece of content and you’d like to know more about the cast or crew, you roll over the video player and a menu shows up with all the cast and crew images, bio, names and more info about everyone in that particular timecode (say 1:30 – 2:15). You can click on each image and learn more about it. That creates engagement for the viewer and now they are glued to your content for 20%-30% longer than if they would just watch the actual content.

Another example: You’re watching a piece of content and you see a shirt on an actor that you love between 14:30 – 16:43. Click on that shirt from the menu and an affiliate link will take you to a place where you can purchase it, then get back to watching the video. That goes for any product or service. Absolutely product and/or service is customizable to show your viewers.

Off the top of our heads we have a couple more examples, based on industry.

– Real Estate – While watching a video about your new listing, you can show a button that allows viewer to book a tour of the property. Also, they might need financing, you can add that as well.

– Financial Industry – Sell your ebooks, training, seminars.

– Car industry – Allow your users to custom build their dream car; tires, paint color, extras.

– Non Profit – Ask for Donations right from the video player.

– Entertainment and News websites – Monetize your content with products, services, subscriptions. Engage with the viewer on a deeper level by adding Trivia and Questions.

– Healthcare Industry – Gather data about your viewers based on time code (Ex: During the video, when you talk about a certain industry topic, ask the viewers to share their input)

– Food Industry – Got a cooking show, Great! Sell recipes, food delivery or just partner up with BlueApron or GrubHub and get those affiliate benefits.

The real brilliance of the platform will come from you since no one knows your industry better than you. Book your 15 minute demo today.

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