How video can improve results for your online fashion business.

You know the moment: You’re in a store and find an interesting item of clothing. It’s on a shelf or hanger. You’re intrigued, but not sure. So you take it to a fitting room, try it on and magic happens.

The garment comes to life and you can’t wait to take it home and wear it out. Your credit card comes out and the sale is complete.

In the real world, it’s rare for people to buy clothing straight off the hanger without trying it on and seeing it in action.

So why do so many retail websites try — and fail — to sell their items using flat images?

Products are typically marketed online using photos of garments laying flat on white backgrounds or on a headless model that serves as little more than a hangar. There’s no context, movement or emotion — all the things that transform a few yards of fabric into something people covet.

That’s why cutting-edge online fashion businesses use video to sell their products.

Video is uniquely able to show the flow of a dress, movement of a skirt or fit of a pair of pants. Video is also an effective medium to convey the scale and dimensionality of accessories like bags, jewelry and shoes.

Video allows fashion-related businesses to educate consumers on how to wear their products, teaching them how to mix, match and accessorize.

Video also does one other important thing: It generates emotion and excitement, compelling consumers to buy in ways still photos do not. It recreates the best parts of the in-store shopping experience online, including the excitement of trying on a garment, moving around in it, matching it to other items and checking out bags and shoes that complement it.

Another benefit of using video: Viewers can interact with it, gathering information about your products and completing a sale without leaving the video experience.

The Boss Video Player makes it simple and easy to layer all types of information onto a video. If a viewer pauses a video of someone modeling a dress, they can:

  • Access information about the fabric content, care requirements, colors and sizing
  • Get tips on the accessories you offer that complement the dress
  • Learn about the designer and other things she makes
  • Experience the dress in other situations — office, lunch, night out
  • Find out about the makeup the model is wearing and who did her hair
  • Communicate with the seller
  • Make an appointment for a virtual fashion consultation.

Most importantly, they can purchase the dress while they’re still feeling the excitement and buzz generated by watching the video. There’s less chance they’ll have the second thoughts that happen when people are forced to navigate a website.

If you have a cell phone, you can create a buzz-worthy fashion video. The Boss Video Player is an easy and affordable way to customize your videos to dramatically increase engagement.

A small investment in video content and the Boss Video Player can quickly pay off many times over by:

  • Differentiating your business from your competition as a modern early adaptor
  • Increasing sharing of your videos — and merchandise — earning you free advertising
  • Building greater passion around your products
  • Encouraging consideration of additional items
  • Decreasing abandonment rates and closing more sales.

What are you waiting for?

Take advantage of a free trial of the Boss Video Player. It will help you understand the value it delivers to online fashion businesses.

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