What is An Affiliate Link And How Do I Use it?

An excellent tactic to improve online sales is the use of affiliate links.

What exactly is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link, as the name implies, refers to a specific URL link that contains the ID of the site referring someone to buy a particular product. The site referring the buyer to the product is known as the affiliate. The affiliate stands as the middle man between the buyer and the seller. In affiliate marketing, the advertiser or product owner uses the affiliate link to collect data sent to the product page. The agreement between the advertiser and the affiliate typically states that the affiliate is responsible for sending traffic to the product website and gets a percentage of the sale.

When an affiliate signs up on the product provider’s website, they receive an affiliate link that connects them to the product website. When the ad is clicked, and it results in a sale, the affiliate receives a commission. The affiliate link helps to track sales and provide opportunities for the affiliate to share and sell products anywhere online.

How to Create an Affiliate Referral Link

As explained, an affiliate referral link is the URL the affiliate uses to promote products on their websites. The link includes the affiliate ID which is embedded in the URL so as to ensure that the affiliate link is tracked.

An affiliate link can often be generated in different ways:

  1. The affiliate may generate a personal reference link within the affiliate program by inserting the URL of the product page and clicking on “Generate URL.” The program then inserts the affiliate’s ID.
  2. The affiliate can also manually add their unique affiliate ID at the end of a URL. For example, https://mywebsite.com/product-1/?ref=123.

How to Use Affiliate Links with Videos

The interactive Boss video player allows you to add  links to your videos through an easy-to-use backpanel. This can significantly help improve the sales of your own products or products through affiliate programs.

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