How to: Turn your unused videos into business building machines

Is it time to use video to build your business?

Did your firm join the video revolution only to discover that it didn’t produce revolutionary results?

That was the case with many of the businesses we work with.

Lawyers, consultants, fashion firms and marketing agencies — almost every type of business — invested in filming videos and getting them produced only to find they generated NO results.

What happened?

In most cases, the videos were of high quality and presented interesting information.

The flaw: They were completely disconnected from websites or web pages that allow prospective clients or consumers to access additional information, become a lead, share contact information or make a purchase.

Tracking data shows that in most cases, people left the video experience and had no idea where to go next.

The good news is that technology has finally caught up to the video revolution, allowing videos to become self-contained business-generating machines. It may be time to bring out those old videos and put them into battle again.

The Boss Video Player allows you to layer virtually anything onto your videos, including:

  • Additional information about your firm
  • Bios of the people who appear in the video
  • Your company story
  • A form to request a consultation or meeting
  • Information about products and services
  • The ability to purchase the products and services you offer.

All these things can be done directly in the video experience, without having to leave it and fumble around to find the next step in the digital marketing and sales experience.

You owe to yourself to take advantage of a free trial of our cutting edge technology to see how it could help you win the NEXT video revolution.

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