How to Embed Affiliate Links in Videos

If you think that making your own videos is too much of a task or you find it as time consuming, you can find a lot of videos in the public domain that can be easily embedded on your website. However, you may still need to embed your affiliate links to these videos. In this article, you will learn how to paddle your way through this huddle without breaking a sweat and without wasting time.
Method 1 allows you to insert a button that appears on the top of your video. You can add your own text and also add moving text that will pop up when your viewers move their cursor over the button. You can then insert your affiliate link in the button, so when someone clicks the button, they are referred to your affiliate page.

You don’t have to worry, it is simple to do.

  • Find a video that will be suitable for your website use and copy the video URL or Video ID code.
  • Go to and paste the URL in the top field that you will see on the right of the home page.
  • Add the button text you want to appear.
  • Enter your affiliate link in the third box/field.
  • Hit the “Update Preview” link, if you like what you see, hit “Save and Get Code” button.
  • The system will generate your link and you can view it by clicking the little arrow button to the right of the HQ button.
  • Copy and Paste the link code in your web page where you want the video embedded.

Method 2 is another system that allows you to embed your affiliate link in a bubble that appears in your video screen. You can also choose from several styles of bubbles, the size and location where it would apply on the screen.

  • Find the video that best describe your need and copy the video URL. Paste it into the bubble URL field.
  • Click “Next” button and you will be taken to a screen where the video will start playing.
  • Click “Pause” button to stop the video, then select a bubble from the bubble menu.
  • Once you’ve done that, you will be able to insert your text, click the link button and insert your affiliate link.
  • At this point, you have to set the amount of time that your affiliate links appears while the video is playing. You can do that by sliding the video tracker buttons at the bottom of the video screen to your preferred start and finish positions.
  • Finally, click the “Done” button.
  • Copy the system generated embed code and paste it in your web page where you want the video to be live.

Method 3

BOSS Video Player

This is probably the most customizable video player and absolutely perfect for affiliate links.

– For example: You are a fashion blogger and your visitors are watching a video and they see a dress that you’re wearing between the time frame of 1:30 to 3:43.

– Through an easy to use back panel, you can embed an affiliate link that will take the viewer to a place where they can purchase the dress.

– Another example: You are a book blogger. Simply embed your Amazon affiliate link for the time frame during which you’re talking about a specific book.

Irrespective of whichever method you decide to use, embedding your own affiliate link into a video has never been easier. Go on, share your video and your affiliate links with your viewers.

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