How to charge premium prices for the videos you produce

Earn more incremental revenue from the videos you produce.

Competition in the video production industry is FIERCE, and it often forces companies to minimize their profits to attract and keep clients. It has turned into a race to the bottom.

This has made it difficult for many to earn enough to maintain a decent lifestyle.

What if you could add a new dimension to the videos you produce that will allow you to charge a premium on them?

The Boss Video Player lets you do just that!

This breakthrough technology allows you to simply and easily add features to videos that will increase engagement with them and drive business results. Instead of being forced to leave the video to do things like get more information, book appointments, purchase products or chat, viewers can do those things and MORE while watching.

This cutting-edge technology makes it possible to:

  • Transform sales videos into selling machines by giving viewers the power to purchase by simply touching an item in a video.
  • Turn educational videos into individualized learning experiences by providing opportunities throughout to view other videos, websites, charts, graphs, research reports and more.
  • Change standard company “about us” videos into marketing opportunities by allowing viewers to share contact information, chat or contact a rep right from the video experience.

Consider the premium you could charge by transforming flat videos into a multidimensional experiences. It will be easy for you to make a cost benefit case for the higher price because of the improved results the enhanced videos will generate for your clients.

A minimal investment in the Boss Video Editor could pay off in BIG way for your video production business.

Don’t wait. Your opportunity to jump ahead of the competition by being the first to offer enhanced videos is a limited one.

The best way to understand the POWER of the Boss Video Editor is to experience it. Take advantage of a free trial to see how it could allow you to charge a premium on the videos you produce.

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