How to: Book more appointments, meetings and consultations

People won’t book meetings if the button isn’t visible on screen.

Does video play a critical part in marketing your business?

  • Perhaps you’re a lawyer who offers legal tips and advice to drive new business.
  • Maybe you’re a realtor who uses videos of the homes you’re selling to attract new clients.
  • Or maybe you own a landscaping or decorating business and use walk-through videos to show off the quality of your work.

What happens after people view your videos?

They likely exit and never make an appointment for a meeting or consultation. That’s because the “Book” button on your website isn’t adjacent to the video and viewers simply can’t find it. This is becoming an even bigger issue as more and more people watch videos on their smartphones and the button is not visible on the screen.

You can significantly increase the number of appointment or consultation requests you receive by integrating your booking experience right into your video. It takes advantage of the excitement and momentum generated by an effective video and prevents viewers from getting lost looking for your booking button.

The Boss Video Editor makes doing things like adding an appointment booking tool easy. In addition, you can also add other in-video experiences like:

  • Accessing information about features and topics
  • Providing bio information about the people appearing in your videos
  • Supplying facts, figures and data
  • Offering pricing and fee options.

The only way to understand the POWER of the Boss Video Editor is to experience it. Take advantage of our free trial to see how it could increase the number of appointments and consultations you are able to get booked online.

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