Bring greater depth and meaning to webinars and video seminars

Make your educational and training videos more engaging.

Are your online learning experiences falling flat?

Are viewers tuning out or not taking action on them?

It’s simple and easy to transform your one-dimensional education videos into compelling, multidimensional learning experiences that get results.

Start by organizing your content into three categories:

  1. Information that MUST be conveyed to get your point across and have viewers come away with a complete and satisfying experience.
  2. Additional data, facts and figures that support your primary narrative but may not be of interest to everybody.
  3. Great stories and anecdotal information some — but not all — of your viewers may want to explore.

Develop the main body of your video around the content in category one. It will provide all your viewers with a beneficial experience in the shortest possible time.

Next, use the Boss Video Player to layer on the content in categories two and three. This could include things like:

  • Charts, graphs and data tables
  • White papers and supplements
  • Informational videos
  • Fun facts and figures
  • Links to websites
  • Opportunities to chat and ask questions
  • Exhibits that can be zoomed in on and explored in greater detail
  • Request for a contact, consultation or appointment.

Viewers will not have to leave the video experience to explore the ancillary information. This will increase active engagement with your content.

Tip: Find a way to identify different content types within your video experience. For example, differentiate facts, figures and data from fun-to-explore extras.

Getting started with the Boss Video Player is easy. You’ll only be able to experience how it will take your educational videos to the NEXT level is by giving it a try. Don’t wait. Take advantage of your free trial today!

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