What is the Best Length for Marketing Videos

The content of your video is the most important factor to be considered when the length of any video is to be determined. It is the content that keeps your audience glued to their seat while watching your video. However, this is not an excuse for you to create a terribly long marketing video. Creating a video to market your product and or services in an easy, sharable way to communicate will optimize sales through projecting the core values of your brand.
A marketing video must be short, precise and captivating. The focus of this article is on the length of your video. How long do you think will be okay to tell your customers about a product in the best, most creative way?

Top 10 – 4 minutes 11 seconds
11-20 – 2 minutes 30 seconds
21-30 – 3 minutes 5 seconds
31-40 – 2 minutes 57 seconds
41-50 – 1 minute 45 seconds
Top 50 – 2 minutes 54 seconds

Video Type and Suggested Length

Creative Ads
Creative ads stick to the brain. They are essentially based on a funny story, clever jokes and interesting situations that center on the projection and the need for a brand’s product or service. Some of the best spots in history are the ones we use to watch during the Super Bowl, where the commercials are the most expensive and are on average 30 seconds long. Creative ads should be between 15-59 seconds, anything longer than this may be considered too long.

Tutorial Videos
Tutorial videos range in length . Mobile and Web App tutorials, for example, are the common type of tutorials on the internet. While you teach people something, a hack or a tutorial, you use the opportunity to pitch your brand or sell your product. However, one of the aims of a tutorial is to express how easy it is to do something, while showing how it works.
The video for marketing yourself through a tutorial should not be more than 2 minutes since simplicity means less time. Spending more time on the video gives your audience the notion that what you are teaching requires total focus and concentration.
45-90 seconds are long enough to engage your audience to be interested in what you offer to teach them, how your product works and still insert the essence of your brand, product or yourself.

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