Are you ready for the third digital video revolution?

Improvements in digital video technology happen at a break neck pace.

Yesterday’s marvel is today’s yawn.

If you don’t jump on the latest train right away, it’s left the station and you’ve missed it.

The first video revolution delivered streaming video online. The videos were small and the experience was undependable, but it was amazing watching them from your computer or mobile device.

Until it wasn’t.

The second video revolution improved the experience by making almost any video ever created available on any device at any time. Improved technology and faster delivery systems made the experience a good one.

Until something better came along.

Simply WATCHING video is falling flat. In a world of virtual reality, the breaking down of physical barriers and the ability to create individual journeys, traditional videos seem dull.

Isn’t it time to actually EXPERIENCE and INTERACT with videos rather than just WATCH them?

That’s the third video revolution, and it’s happening now.

Many marketers regret missing the first two video revolutions. They didn’t have the foresight and vision to see how video could be used to sell products and services online. They waited out the revolution, only to have competitors win the video war.

Don’t make the same mistake three times.

Boss Video Player allows viewers to interact with videos directly in the experience. That means they can do things like:

  • Instantly purchase products by touching items in videos.
  • Access additional information by pointing to things that seem interesting.
  • Explore and experience videos within videos.
  • Schedule an appointment without leaving the video experience.
  • Chat with someone in the video real-time.

These are only a few examples of what the Boss Video Player can do. It’s capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

Breaking the barriers between watching a video and acting on what you see: That’s what the third video revolutions allows you to do. And it’s happening today.

What are you waiting for? Don’t miss out again. Take advantage of a free trial of the Boss Video Player to experience how it could revolutionize how you market your products and services.

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