Ten ways to make your marketing videos stand out from the rest.

There’s a glut of video content available today. It’s difficult to get people to check out most of it, much less watch any of it to the end. Here are ten tips that will get more people to watch your videos, view them to completion and take action on them.

1. Create a dynamic opening.

Social media is jam-packed full of content. People are busy and preoccupied when scrolling through it. That’s why it’s critical to grab people’s attention when they’re browsing through Facebook, Linkedin and other social media platforms. Surprise them with something unexpected in the opening seconds that gets them to stop and watch.

Make sure the hook flows into the rest of the video and doesn’t cause a disconnect. This will help ensure viewers continue to watch through to the end.

One way to create a great hook is to open a video with what would have normally been the climatic end of it. Then use the rest of the video to fill in the back story. This type of storytelling works like a good mystery. The opening intrigues people and makes them want to find out how the “conclusion” came to be.

2. Don’t waste time.

Creating long videos is always a temptation. You might have a lot of good ideas and can’t resist sharing them. Or you want to market as many products and services as possible in each video.

However, viewers won’t take the time to watch your great ideas or learn about your products and services if they tune out because your videos drag, are dull or go on too long.

Edit your videos to their essence, including only what’s needed to tell your story and get your message across. Anything more risks losing viewers and diminishing results.

3. Write a script or develop an outline.

If you’re not using professional talent in your videos — or people who are used to improvising in front of cameras — provide them with a script or outline that covers what you want them to say and do. This will help ensure all your key messages are covered and your story gets told as intended.

Tip: Outlining what you want people to say is often better than proving a detailed script. It will keep you and your talent on track while preventing your videos from feeling staged, artificial or inauthentic.

4. Use the right tools

Videos can be produced for any price these days, from inexpensive (or free) to high cost. If you use the right tools and software, videos produced at any level can look polished and professional.

Instead of filming with a handheld smartphone, mount it on a tripod to smooth and better control movements. Consider upgrading to a digital video camera. There are many affordable ones on the market today, or you can rent one.

Take a few minutes to make sure your subjects are lit attractively, avoiding shadows and bright spots. As a final step, use video editing software to eliminate mistakes, improve visual quality and smooth transitions. All these things will improve the quality of your videos, enhancing the image of your brand.

5. Provide value to viewers.

People can watch virtually anything, anytime. You must give them a reason to view YOUR videos. When you’re producing a film, put yourself into the shoes of your viewers and ask yourself: “What’s in it for me?” Make sure every frame of your videos answers that question.

6. Make your videos an experience.

With so much video content available, you must do something special to make yours stand out. Why not break through the screen and  transform your videos into multidimensional experiences rather than flat ones? The Boss Video Player lets you insert experiences right into your films that make them completely interactive.

Producing videos with the Boss Video Player lets people watching them access addition information, learn more about the people they’re seeing, chat in real time, schedule appointments and more right in the video experience. It’s a sure way to make your content stand out from all the rest.

7. Include a clear call to action.

Why are you developing videos? What do you want people to do while and after viewing them? Make it clear throughout your video — and at the end — what action or actions you want them to take. Leveraging software like the Boss Video Player lets you inert your calls to action right into the video experience. It makes it more likely viewers will do the things you want them to do — including purchasing products, making appointments, requesting information, chatting and more.

8. Optimize for search

Videos are a critical part of any search engine optimization strategy. However, search engines can’t scan the dialogue or imagery in videos. That means you must optimize titles, descriptions and tags — and post transcripts —  so search engines can scan and rank your videos. If you’re not sure how to do this, consult with an SEO expert.

9. Develop a plan to share your videos.

A video that’s not shared won’t get viewed. It’s that simple. You need a plan to distribute them.

If you have a big and dedicated following in social media, share your videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or other channels. It’s a great way to get them in front of your target audience for little or no cost. If you don’t have a large social following, boost your posts or pay to promote them to get them in front of more of the people you want to reach.

10. Monitor results.

Track the results of your videos over time. Monitor how many people:

  • Start watching them
  • View them to completion
  • Take action on them.

Doing so will help you determine whether you’re getting a reasonable return on your investment in videos and find ways to improve them in the future.

Taking these steps will not only get more people to watch your content. They’ll also be more likely to view them to the end and take action.

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