4 Tips To Keep Your Video Marketing Budget Low

Video Marketing has come a long way. Years ago, with the slow internet speed and incompatible mobile devices of consumers, online video marketing was considered too difficult by entrepreneurs and top brands. Fast forward to 2018 and the story has changed. Video marketing is now widely accepted and used by all and sundry. However, the ever-changing trends in the industry have kept brands one step behind.

Modern brands need to identify not just the kind of videos that will appeal to their target audience but also ensure that they don’t overspend while making them. With more 80% of online viewers saying they would rather watch a video than read a blog, investing in online video marketing, despite its challenges, is worth it.

Just How Much Does it Cost to Make a Marketing Video?

Making a video can range from costing almost nothing to costing a fortune. The key is to identify your marketing aim, get your budget and decide the kind of video that will best suit it.

Whatever the kind of video you intend making, here are 4 tips to keep your costs as low as possible.

Cover All Areas

A great way to make your budget spiral out of control is to leave all details unplanned. Generally, to fail to plan is to plan to fail. This can’t be truer for online marketing videos. It is essential that you take every detail into consideration no matter how small or negligible they may seem. Before your producer arrives, make a list of everything you will need, from location to talents. Do not forget to add a little more for unforeseen circumstances.

Use Stock Footage

Focus your attention on the more important aspect of your video instead of wasting it on shooting a shot that will take only one or two seconds in your video. Stock footage can save you a lot of money if well utilized.

Have an Objective and Focus on It

A video without focus will certainly keep the budget on the high. The more focused you can be with your objectives, the lesser the cost. Ensure to keep the narrative engaging and short so as to deliver the message simple, quick and interesting. The main thing, however, is to focus on keeping to the objectives. Even short videos with cost-friendly talents are expensive when there’s no objective.

Shoot Ahead

Why shoot multiple times when you can use shots and scenes from a video campaign on multiple platforms? To keep costs down, shoot multiple stories and angles in a single campaign. You will find out that they can be used subsequently. Also, narrative videos tend to be cheaper when compared to explainer videos that targets lead that are ready to buy. In all, the key is to identify your objective and focus on it.

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