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Boss Video Player is a cutting-edge company that's committed to developing breakthrough technologies that change how videos are experienced. We give marketers the power to transform their videos into interactive experiences that drive business results.

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Boss Video Player Wistia
Monthly price $25/month for Ten videos $99/month for Ten videos
Viewer Experience Viewer takes action within the video Viewer has to leave the video to take action
Storage 1GB Undisclosed
Bandwidth 500GB 200 GB
Sell products and services in videos
Book appointments in videos
Show another video in a video
Live chat in videos
Add forms to videos Only able to collect email addresses
Process payments in videos
Add contests to videos
Integrate social media into videos
Gather analytical insights from videos
Add any type of call to action button
Embed live streams
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Boss Crew

Kevin Gorinshteyn, Founder, built a team of top-notch programmers dedicated to pushing technology past its current limits and a sales and customer service department that delivers world-class experiences to our clients.


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