Flexible, Adaptable and Scalable

Show any info, based on video timecode.

Cast & Crew

When a user pauses the video, the menu shows up with Cast & Crew. Includes images, bio, other projects known for.

Audio Tracks

When a user pauses the video, the menu shows up with Audio Tracks used in the current timecode.  You can link it with your affiliate program and offer the option to purchase.


When a user pauses the video, the menu shows up with Clothing items, Shoes, Purses, anything else you choose to input during that timecode.  Enter the links with your affiliate code to buy.

Fun Facts

When a user pauses the video, the menu shows up with any general info. Have users engage with your content without disrupting the video experience.

Custom features available upon request.
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How it Works

The goal of our customizable video player is to improve user experience through allowing them to choose to interact with the content, instead of forcing endless pop up ads and disturbing their watching experience. We are excited to bring this proprietary technology to you.  Here’s what we think it can do.  Of course, the real beauty is what you’ll use it for.   We can’t wait to see it!

Works On Any Device

Like A Boss!

Content provider can showcase any information they choose based on time codes. Sell products, general information, sell music and much more. Display anything you could imagine.

About Us.

The Brains

A group of talented programmers who’s goal is to push technology past its limits.

Leadership Team

With over 30 years of combined leadership experience, Boss Video Player is pushing the envelope daily in growth and scale.

Sales Team

Our experienced sales team is a quick call or email away from address all your needs.  We understand how time sensitive everything is nowadays and are on call 24/7.



  • 30 day FREE TRIAL
  • Up To 10 Projects/Videos
  • 1 User
  • Unlimited Timecoding
  • Your Own CMS
  • Video Hosting Included
  • 1GB storage limit
  • 500GB bandwidth limit
  • Email Support


  • Up To 35 Projects/Videos
  • 2 Users
  • Unlimited Timecoding
  • Your Own CMS
  • Unlimited Timecoding
  • 5GB storage limit
  • 2TB bandwidth limit
  • Email Support


  • Up To 75 Projects/Videos
  • 3 Users
  • Unlimited Timecoding
  • Your Own CMS
  • Video Hosting Included
  • 10GB storage limit
  • 5TB bandwidth limit
  • Email & Phone Support


  • Custom Built Plan
  • Your Own CMS
  • Video Hosting Included
  • Unlimited Timecoding
  • Email & Phone Support

Recent News

Stay up to date on everything, from our latest additions to service to new products to news highlights.

Testimonial .

  • Boss Video Player makes it easy for us to control exactly when we would like to show each piece of data.

    Tim C.
  • With Boss Video Player I can monetize my music in the exact location of the video it plays. With that kind of control, our conversions have increased dramatically.

    Jamie S.
  • The ability to sell my affiliate products at the exact time I’m using them allows us to connect with the audience on a whole different level.

    Natasha G.
  • Engaging our users without all those annoying pop ups have been a huge leg up. Our bounce rates have decreased while engagement is on an up trend.

    Alan C.


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